Welcome to the world of Marguerite.
We work with wood and we love every second of it!

Anything in wood …… You name it, Marguerite makes it!
Furniture, interiors, pure and simple, contemporary, classic or extravagant, all produced in solid and durable Surinamese wood. For your home, office, business facilities, hotel or restaurant. We offer custom design, to meet every special request. Orders, small or large, residential or corporate, we value our clients equally. Your wishes and ideas, our advice and expertise; together we create your individual space or piece.

The Marguerite team consists of young, dynamic people, dedicated to their work.
We love to tackle new projects and find it challenging to bring them to a successful end.

Marguerite is a furniture company situated in Paramaribo, capital of Suriname. The country is called the “greenest country of the world”. As part of the Amazon region, the country is covered with tropical Amazon rainforest, with many hardwood species, that are excellent for high quality furniture production.

At Marguerite, we make furniture fitted for your space.
Marguerite, not only produces furniture for costumers, but also for corporate business.
We design and produce interiors for small and large projects.
We offer a large range of doors (single entry, folding, sliding and pivot doors).


At the moment, we are looking for:
1.Stock administrator and bookkeeper (wood, furniture fittings and raw materials)
requirements: secondairy school (finance, administration), Natin, AMTO or other

2. Technical designer and project supervisor
requirements: secondairy school (technical), Natin, AMTO or other

3. Woodworker, craftsman
requirements: experience in producing and finishing of wooden furniture

Powisistraat 221

Phone: +597 556556
Facebook: @MargueritePureWood

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 08:00-17:00
Saturday: 8:00-12:00
(except first Saturday of the month)